NATUR-ALL Ltd., the official Hungarian dealer of Benton, presents this young Korean company founded by two brothers in 2011. One of the founders was himself suffering from skin problems (seborrhea), so they set out to develop cosmetics that would primarily address problematic, sensitive skin.

Benton therefore avoided the use of chemicals and opted for natural ingredients. Rather than relying on advertising, they marketed their cosmetics on the basis of the quality of their products, which are therefore incredibly cheap for their effectiveness. They were not disappointed: in addition to their snail slime and bee venom lines, their existing products have been an outstanding success without exception.

The Benton logo was renewed in 2023:


The name Benton was inspired by the film "The Curious Life of Benjamin Button", whose protagonist, Benjamin, becomes younger and younger as time goes on. As a result, however, he is forced to leave his love Daisy. What if Daisy could turn back the clock and become younger? Wouldn't they be happier together?

Although this is a fictional story, doesn't everyone in their life have the same desire to be younger again? That's why Benton wants to turn back time and make skin younger with healthy cosmetics.

Benton strives to restore the skin to its original health through natural formulations, rather than creating a temporary and fleeting effect through the use of various chemicals.


VALUES | We believe it is important that products can be used by ourselves and our family members. That's why we use high quality ingredients instead of focusing on fancy and expensive packaging. Our aim is to strengthen the skin and restore it to its original healthy state.

HEALTHY PRODUCTS | We exclude potentially harmful ingredients from the product design stage and use only skin-friendly formulas, so that even those with sensitive skin can use our products without irritation.

COMMUNICATION | We take our customers seriously and value their feedback. We are open to all comments, whether they concern shortcomings, experiences or suggestions for improvement of our services and products.

CGMP & ISO | Benton products are manufactured in CGMP & ISO certified facilities, under strict control and to high quality standards.

FRESH PRODUCTS | Although mass production can greatly reduce the cost of producing a product, we insist on producing in smaller batches to ensure that we always have fresh products.

ANIMAL TEST-FREE | We are certified animal-free by PETA, the world's largest animal welfare organization.
We are authorised to use the "Beauy without Bunnies" logo on our products.